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Soma: anti-therapy   2 comments

An experiment using Soma group methodology to reflect about Psychology and power relations

          “If therapy has found space to spread out as a commodity in capitalist society, it’s because being listened to became rare and institutionalised, as the notion of a private life grew, rather than the function of friends and communities. In this crazy time when people spend lots of money to have someone to listen to them talking about their life, we could think of psychological therapies as a new religions, with all metaphors well applied, like guilt/sin, therapy/confession, prescription/ritual and health/cure.

            Neurosis, paranoia, anxiety, or depression; everything becomes a symptom for the prescriptions of pills, and recipes in self-help books. The speed that ‘scientific’ truths change place confuses anyone that relies only on cartographies such as psychology, neurophysiology, cognition, hormones, genetics. What we believe today as a fact, using science to explain feelings and emotions, might be in doubt tomorrow, but this doesn’t matter to the consumers of therapy. They carry on believing in the authority of the therapist with scientific knowledge, which is another product of the neurosis of capitalism.”

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3 pics of March   Leave a comment

26.03.2011 – March for the Alternative – against the government cuts on public services: a long day of different ways of protesting.

Lost in the crowd!

Lost in the crowd! It’s not every day one can walk down the streets feeling the mob.

Found in the chaos! The wooden Trojan horse does a ‘sit in’ at Oxford Circus, while banks and big shops had a bad day for business.

Lost and found in the night! At Trafalgar Square, the police took a while to realize what was going on…

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