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Radical Education Forum Skillshare 3   Leave a comment

‬Saturday,‭ 25th June ‬2011‭ ‬
121 Lower Clapton Road‬
London E5 0NP


1. How to be a Human?‬, 3 hours

‎Bringing ideas on collectivity from Soma and Theatre of the Oppressed into the classroom. A series of workshops using physical and collaborative games leading to an interactive performance, to explore key concepts and processes of the citizenship curriculum (for KS3 and above).Citizenship is the term we use to talk about the social organisation of human beings living together. How do we relate to each other? In a period where we are surrounded by video games and virtual social networks, it is quite easy to forget the body and the skills necessary to form social relationships. Our approach breaks the traditional way to develop skills, where the mind is split from the body, the individual removed from its surroundings. The games are invitations to play in a group, sharing experiences of collaboration, trust and responsibility. After the games, a process of reflection, talking and writing will unpack the group’s perceptions and behaviour when playing together. Each session will finish with producing a theatrical freeze frame triggering a final performance.


2. Stories from Mexico, 40 minutes plus discussion.

A session sharing tales from radical pedagogy projects in Mexico in prisons, in small communities and in a Zapatista Cafe. A few short activities will be tried out based on the work of La Lleca, a prisoner’s justice group in Mexico city working on love.

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