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26.03.2011 – March for the Alternative – against the government cuts on public services: a long day of different ways of protesting.

Lost in the crowd!

Lost in the crowd! It’s not every day one can walk down the streets feeling the mob.

Found in the chaos! The wooden Trojan horse does a ‘sit in’ at Oxford Circus, while banks and big shops had a bad day for business.

Lost and found in the night! At Trafalgar Square, the police took a while to realize what was going on…


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Somaseed has been part of ‘Nanopolitics: experiments in radical movement’ since last year. Nano is a series of open workshops which “sets out to explore how we move between (spaces of) radical experimentation, intimacy, struggle, alienation, heteronormativity, competitiveness; and the relationships between the experiences and conditions of precarious, post-fordist life and work and the potential for political action that emerges in this nexus”.  

The next Nano sessions will be:

12th March, 2-6pm, as part of the Arts against Cuts Long Weekend
How to engage at the margins of a demo: games, formats, tools
a workshop using Soma, Theatre of the Oppressed and other methodologies to explore, understand and activate the margins of our protests.
Attendance for full 4 hours is required.
Location of the Long weekend is to be announced.

27th March, 2-6pm
Our protest: resonances, impressions, processes
a workshop to tell of experiences, reflect and imagine, using our resonant bodies in various ways.
This will be largely based on Theatre of the Oppressed and Soma methodologies.
Location tbc

Get in touch to get info and details.

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Welcome to SomaLab! Created in Brazil as an anarchist therapy, by Roberto Freire, Soma has been used as a social laboratory, bringing art, activism and learning new skills together. Participants are invited to play as a way to rediscover the body, sharing collaboration games to rethink relationships. Jorge Goia, a Soma facilitator trained by Freire, describes here this journey from therapy to experiment. Enjoy it!

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